Data center & Virtualization

We create an impeccable unified structure that combines a high-speed server and large memory devices.

Using the capabilities of this structure, the Techno fusion team offers ready-made high-quality solutions to corporate customers, individuals, and legal entities. Using our solutions, you will immediately appreciate the excellent scalability, simplified management, and optimization of operations. They also provide greater flexibility and compatibility thanks to a programmable infrastructure.

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Virtualization as a key technology in data centers

Virtualization is used to create virtual environments in which servers, data warehouses, network devices and other equipment can operate. This helps organizations reduce hardware costs and improve the performance of their applications and services.

For the fastest and most effective business development, transform your information resources into virtual data centers together with Technofusion
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We provide stable, safe and reliable business results

Our portfolio of integrated infrastructure and service solutions from leading suppliers includes:

Big Data and Analytics
Cloud Solutions
Converged Infrastructure
Data Center Applications
Data Protection
Desktop Virtualization
Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Software Defined Storage


A set of methods to protect equipment, servers, mobile devices, and data from cyber threats.

Network infrastructure

Creation, maintenance, and monitoring of networks that guarantee uninterrupted operation in companies of various sizes.

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